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Member survey 2021

Dear RSFS member,

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and the in the RSFS we were not been able to have our usual programme of Field Days and Annual Study Tour. As 2021 unfolds, we are looking to have as full programme of different activities as we can, but circumstances beyond our control will affect this.

We value your membership and we are going to produce an extra edition of the Journal for your enjoyment which also marks the 75th Anniversary of the publication. Given that when it was produced in 1947 the country was facing a post war economic crisis, it appears that history has repeated itself!

We are continuing to develop the Monitor Woods Scheme providing information on a wide range of forest types and management approaches. We also plan to have the Canopy database with this information fully open to members, for details contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We have been working behind the scenes on a new version of the website which will bring together information about the RSFS and allow event booking, book purchase and much more.

We want to provide a varied programme for members in 2021 but will have to operate under the restrictions in place at any given time. Field visits, for example, will have to have limited numbers and be booked in advance. We are also looking at ways we can use webinars and other online content to allow us to engage with members. We will also work with other bodies to share online events and content.

With these thoughts in mind, we have a short survey to find out what would work best for members.

Thank you for your time and continuing support.

Simon MacGillivray

You are not allowed to take this survey.
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