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Winter edition of Scottish Forestry now with members & available to buy

As 2020 draws to a close, the Winter edition of our journal Scottish Forestry brings its characteristic mix of papers and articles covering the broad spectrum of forestry in Scotland and beyond. We are grateful to all those involved in the process whose hard work and flexibility has allowed us to produce the 2020 journals as planned.

The journal records RSFS activities in the year. In Society News, Nander Robertson pens his last piece as President and there is a report of the online AGM. Autumn field meetings were postponed anew; the Region's pages again have interesting content and photos, more than reports.

As usual in the winter edition, there are more book reviews to give Christmas present ideas, six this time. And two new RSFS publications would also make great gifts. For the first time, non members can buy the journal from our website Shop.

Looking further afield, the major report is by Mick Drury, summarising his study tour of forest conservation in British Columbia, illustrated by fantastic photographs, including this edition’s cover.

The peer-reviewed paper, by Dr Ian Willoughby et al. of Forest Research, reports on direct-seeding experiments on two lowland PAWS sites.

In the articles, Gavin Johnston’s investigation of local shelterbelts, during the spring lockdown, is enlivened by his own artworks; Matt Ritchie, FLS archaeologist, describes the production of a series of booklets exploring ‘deep time’ in our woods; and Mandy Haggith of UHI celebrates ‘the culture in silviculture’ – their 'A-B-Tree' project.

Next year, to mark Volume 75, there will be four editions of Scottish Forestry in 2021. Something to look forward to after the ups and downs of 2020.


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