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28.06.2024 10:00
Penfillan Farm Steading
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Capenoch extends to 1000 hectares. 495 hectares are forestry, 385hectares are farmed in hand using a contractor, and 120 hectares are let on an agricultural tenancy. There are no employees. 63% of the forested area is Sitka Spruce, and 20% is broadleaved woodland. Nearly all larch has been felled as a result of SPHN notices. Conifer diversity is now provided by Norway Spruce and Douglas fir. There is an approved Scottish Forestry Long Term Plan.

Wood of Keyr project

This was inspired by DAMP and study of Blaeus Atlas of 1654 , which shows “ The Wood of Keyr” as an extensive broadleaved woodland, throughout Keir parish. Much of this woodland has been lost in the past 370 years. Some field margin trees and small areas of ancient woodland remain. The Wood of Keyr project was launched in 2022, to re-establish field tress throughout the parish. Funding has been provided by The Woodland Trust and Dumfries and Galloway Council Nature Restoration Fund.  The work to plant up to 20 trees on 20 farms has been organized by Dumfries and Galloway Woodlands.


Robert Gladstone


Stop 1 Riparian Woodland

Rural Stewardship scheme 2011

Discuss ash regeneration, fencing small woods etc

Stop 2 Horse wood

Wood Pasture. Individually guarded oaks, under various grant schemes including Wood of Keyr 2023

Discuss spec of tree stockades, grazing regime, grants etc

Stop 3 Horse wood

Natural Oak woodland

Consider thinning, regeneration, ash, and long term future

Stop 4 Piper Knowe

New planting of oak and alder on farmland under Rural Stewardship scheme 2016

Discuss removal of tubes

Lunch in New Room Penfillan

Stop 5 Long Bank

Mature natural oak. Light thinning and Rhododendron removed under WIG scheme 1999

Stop 6 Johns wood 1987

Overview of commercial forestry. Broadleaves in upland situation. Integrating broadleaves with commercial forestry.

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Penfillan Farm Steading

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