Royal Scottish Forestry Society

The Society's core objectives seek to deliver learning and education on practical forestry matters.  In addition to publications and field days, we promote education through a range of bursaries, prizes and awards.  In 2019 we distributed sufficient copies of Tall Trees Small Woods to educational institutions offering forestry to gift a copy to each student of forestry in the UK.


We have always had a tradition of supporting young foresters financially in pursuing their education.  We continue that tradition by offering six very different bursaries all of which are competitive.

  • RSFS Davidson bursaries - Two bursaries are on offer each year.  In both cases, the purpose of the bursary is to support those changing career into forestry. 
  • RSFS Murgitroyd bursaries   bursary for professional development and two for equipment are available  annually.  The equipment bursaries may be used for any "equipment" a student may need to pursue their education (from books to waterproof clothing), except those for which an employer or educational institution is legally obliged to provide (e.g. relating to health & safety.
  • RSFS TFP Bursary - The Forestry Partnership (TFP), in conjunction with RSFS, is offering an award of a £5,000 travel bursary to support Early Career foresters broaden their experience through targeted overseas visits. The theme of the visit should be ‘Bringing practical solutions for forestry from overseas’.  

Academic prizes

The Society awards four prizes for academic achievement at UHI each year. The:

  • RSFS Buccleuch Silver Slasher was donated to the Society in 1977 and is awarded annually to the top student at craft level (Forestry Certificate);
  • RSFS Ballogie Cup is awarded to the top student in all years at Supervisory Grade (best HND course performance);
  • RSFS Anderson Quach is awarded to the best student in the Silvicultural Systems unit of the HND course; and
  • RSFS Murgitroyd Rose Bowl is awarded to the to student in Mensuration.

Our prizes are undergoing a review at present.  We have a mix of trophies and cash prizes.

Writing awards

Each year we have two handsome trophies which are awarded for the best papers in two classes. 

The Sir George Campbell Memorial Trophy

The trophy is awarded for “...the best paper by forestry professionals”.

The Neil Findlay Memorial Trophy

This award is for papers that are “...not detailed accounts of conventional forest management, forest protection or research, but portray wider perspectives of people’s involvement with trees, woodland and the environment”.