Introduction to species choice

RSFS Training Day
20.06.2024 09:00
Moffat Town Hall
RSFS Administrator
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This is the first of the new programme of RSFS Training Days in 2024.  The programme for the day is:

0900                  Arrival at Moffat Town Hall – Tea / Coffee and biscuits will be available.

0915-1030          Indoor session to introduce fundamental concepts and touch on ESC

1045-1100          Depart for nearby Crofthead forest.

1100-1230          Examination of low elevation sites with a range of soil moisture and nutrient regimes and examples of established species

1230-1300           Lunch (bring packed lunch)

1300-1430           Examination of high elevation sites with a range of soil moisture and nutrient regimes

1430-1600           Group exercise examining a range of site conditions applying previous learnings

1545-1600           Close


Andrew Macqueen – forester, AMS Silviculture

Carlota Martin Souto - forester, Ground Truth Forestry 


With forest policy steering applicants to deliver greater diversity, there is a need to practice effective site appraisal to ensure diverse species grow successfully and meet the management objectives.

Practitioners commonly have limited exposure to establishing different species and this uncertainty, along with lack of easily accessible support can lead to suboptimal deployment of other species. This workshop will allow delegates to examine different site types both lowland and upland with a range of species established whilst exchanging knowledge and being signposted to available resources.


Bring Your Own Lunch and other refreshments

PPE or special equipment

Good quality wet weather clothing

HiViz vest/jacket

Terrain and accessibility

Meeting point

Participants to meet at the town hall

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£ 120.00
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Moffat Town Hall

High Street
DG10 9HF Moffat
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