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Green Card 2019

The annual programme of visits and events (known ubitquitously as the Green Card) is available in the "What we do" area of the website (Menu: What we do | Annual Programme Cards | 2019).  Alternatively, click here.

Appeal to members

We are looking for a member with an interest in photography to help us curate and manager our extensive digital image collection.  We are very keen to hear from you to help build the galleries for this website.  Please contact if you can help.

Scottish Forestry

We have just launched an archive containing all back issues of Scottish Forestry from 2001 to date available to all members.  It will contain all issues back to 1947.  Members can access by logging in and selecting Journal Archive from the Members Area menu.


Our aim is to keep a steady stream of essential news about forestry and the Society trickling into these pages.

For ease of management we have attributed each item to the menu for the year in which the item was published.  Hovering over the "News" menu will reveal the year menu.

Our news archive stretches back to 2012 and as we tidy each year up we will bring it back on line.